We supply soft toys by the bale or soft toys in gaylords. Plush animals and/or movie characters (including DreamWorks and Disney characters) as well as teddy bears are included. Any toy with hard parts or battery packs are not included in this sort. For more information about soft toys in bales or soft toys in gaylords, please contact us.


Used shoes are available in gaylords or capsacks, by the truckload or the container. Our used shoes are paired and include men's, women's, and children's shoes. For more information about used shoes in bulk, please contact us. 


Mixed rags are sold by weight. We can provide shipments of mixed rags by the truckload or container load. Bales of mixed rags are made up of used clothing items that either failed to sell in a resale setting or were unsuitable for resale due to imperfections. Contact us for more information about mixed rags.


Linens are available in bales. Included in each bale will be a mixture of bed sheets, table cloths, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, curtains/drapes, cloth napkins, decorative pillows, etc. For specific information including pricing, please contact us. 


Credential clothing is baled and sold by weight. Credential clothing is untouched, ungraded, and unsorted. Bales of credential clothing are available by the container load or the truckload, domestic or overseas. For more information about credential clothing, please contact us. 


We supply hard toys by the gaylord. This sort contains small to medium sized toys with hard parts. Plush toys with hard parts or battery packs will be included. A wide variety of toys is included in the hard toys category. If you'd like more information about hard toys by the gaylord, please contact us. 

We provide shipments of mixed rags, credential clothing, used shoes, soft toys, hard toys, and linens. Contact us for pricing information and product specifications.